Portable power

Portable power

Weiyin lithium battery manufacturers focus on customized production of various 100W-3000W high-power, multi-functional AC/DC electric pure sine wave o

Vehicle battery

Vehicle battery

Weiyin Lithium Battery Manufacturer specializes in producing customized lithium batteries for 24V/36V/48V/60V/72V electric vehicles, motorcycle lithiu

Energy battery

Lithium solar energy storage battery uses lithium iron phosphate battery pack. It is a lithium battery which can supply power for solar street lamp, y

Digital battery

Digital battery

Digital lithium batteries can be used in 3C products Bluetooth headsets, smart watches, medical equipment, mobile power supply and other scenarios, 3C

Solar lamp

Solar lamp

Weiyin LED street lamp manufacturer specializes in producing lithium solar street lamp, solar courtyard lamp, LED road lamp, high pole lamp, landscape

Lithium battery

Lithium battery customization showcases the application of lithium batteries in various industries developed and designed by Weiram New Energy for man

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Weiyin is currently leading the high energy density lithium-ion battery industry. High energy density means that batteries of the same size store more

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